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Comparison of domestic and foreign valve products

Although the domestic valve industry in the middle of 80s was carried out using international standards and joint design, joint development work, and the majority of products are adopted international standards and foreign advanced standards, but because of the implementation of a gap, the current domestic valve product quality level is still below international standards. Mainly in:
The blank wall thickness tolerance;
The poor quality of casting surface roughness;
The poor precision casting;
The general internal and external valve leakage phenomenon is serious, and even some of the valve can not guarantee reliable operation of a maintenance period;
The driving device of less varieties, specifications incomplete, poor reliability, can not meet the needs of large complete sets of equipment.
Foreign valve product quality in general can reach API, JIS, BS and other standards, and the internal quality of casting blank and high precision, can not repair process on the plane, beautiful appearance, clear cast of characters, good sealing performance. Filling and gasket varieties, specifications, can meet the requirements of different working conditions. The performance parameters of the automatic control valve are stable, and the utility model can ensure that the leakage is not in use, and the adjusting accuracy is accurate. The service life of the general purpose valve can reach 1~2 overhaul period or even longer.
Valve price
Valve products are a very low margin product. Although the market price of the valve has increased every year, but overall relatively stable. Each enterprise's product price basically follows the China general valve industry association to compile the valve profession reference price. As the valve industry market competition is fierce, at present, some manufacturers still execute 1996 prices in order to fight for users.
New products and small pieces of non-standard products, there is no industry guidance, pricing by the enterprise itself. Only by developing high-grade and high-tech products and producing small quantities of non-standard products, can enterprises compete with high prices and be competitive.
In addition, there are state-owned, private and collective enterprises paying more attention to prices, among which collective enterprises are most concerned about price changes, and state-owned enterprises are second to none. In contrast, joint ventures and foreign companies do not place prices at the top of their purchases (these firms pay more attention to quality).
Valve usage
Valve wider user industries can be divided into petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, electric power, water conservancy, metallurgy, construction, machinery, coal, food and other (including mechanical and chemical industry, the user of the valve market is most concerned about, they require more valves). In the current market, most users, the most common varieties of valve ball valve, globe valve, gate valve, butterfly valve and safety valve; second valve; valve third; fourth valve, drain valve and steam valve; fifth shutoff valve and diaphragm valve; Sixth plug valve, plunger valve and other valves. Ball valve, globe valve, gate valve, safety valve and the valve at the back of the level of a big difference, and its total output accounted for 63.6% of all kinds of valve production (according to production units per ton).
In the application of the types of valves, machinery, metallurgy, petrochemical, chemical, urban construction and other industries, the types of valves applied most. Especially in the machinery industry, all kinds of valves are basically applied. In addition to the mechanical industry, the safety valve is mainly used in chemical industry; butterfly valve is mainly used in petrochemical and metallurgy; diaphragm valve is mainly used in metallurgy, electric power and chemical industry; check valve is mainly used in metallurgy, chemical and petrochemical; valve mainly used in petroleum and chemical industry; the cut-off valve is mainly used in metallurgy, petrochemical, chemical and power sewage; valve is mainly used in petrochemical and chemical industry; the ball valve is mainly used in petroleum, chemical and metallurgy; valve is mainly used in chemical industry, electricity and construction; the valve is mainly used in chemical, metallurgical, power and food; used in petrochemical and metallurgy main plunger valve; plug valves are mainly used in chemical and metallurgical valve; mainly used in petrochemical, chemical and metallurgy; steam traps are mainly used in chemical and petrochemical.
Valve as a general component, widely used in various industries, but there are three main purpose of application in various industries:
1, routine inspection needs;
2, new projects supporting;
3, emergency reserves.
Through the investigation and analysis of the valve market, in the next few years, the overall trend in demand for the valve for the upward trend, the valve of this large volume of products, its demand in stable growth. Among them, the demand for a larger number of valves in turn are: ball valve (15.5%), cut-off valve (12.9%), safety valve (12.5%), gate valve (12.5%), butterfly valve (10.6%), regulating valve (8%) and check valve (6.1%). These valves, variety accounted for 46.7%, and its demand has reached 78%.
Valve product after-sales service
In today's valve market, even though the quality and price of valves are the 2 most important considerations for most companies (79.8% of users will give priority to quality, and 5.8% of users will place price first). But as the key link of marketing management, valve service has been widely used in many fields. Valve industry is no exception. Although it is still imperfect, the customer has made demands on this factor.
After sale service includes "Three Guarantees", free installation, technical guidance and regular return visit. The state-owned and private enterprises want most customer service service includes "three" commitment; private enterprises and joint ventures to customer service service can achieve free installation; the collective, private and foreign companies want to service customer service can provide technical guidance; state owned and joint ventures that can regularly visit customer service service.
As the "Three Guarantees" commitment, regular visits and technical guidance is the most promising industry customer service service (free installation of many enterprises do not insist on), so the valve manufacturing enterprises should focus on the user needs to provide quality customer service service
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